Justin N. Hetsler, JD, CPA

Justin thrives on finding solutions for clients. Before founding HetslerCPAs, Justin led financing rounds and managed reporting as CFO for real estate investment companies before focusing on public accounting and tax consulting full time. 

In addition to real estate Justin works with growth stage technology and biotech startups through new product development, exit or combination.  He translates his experience and expertise into practical solutions managers and investors need.

He has an established broad network in San Francisco and Silicon Valley that can connect you with the right resource. Already working with those specialists, it saves you time and money to find the solutions when needed. He will also promote your team to incubators, angel investors, and VC funds.

Justin has lived in several countries and provides clients with tax efficiency consulting on international tax and multi-jurisdictional issues. He has resolved tax cases for numerous U.S. residents working abroad and foreign citizens working in the U.S., and understands the complexities of treaty-governed taxation.  

Justin holds a B.A. in Accounting and Management from the University of Washington and a Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific. In his spare time Justin enjoys family occasions, windsurfing, and exploring outdoors.

Jeff Lewis, CPA, MS-Tax

Jeff's extensive career handling tax matters for individuals and all types of trusts, entities, and charitable foundations is extraordinary. A Bay Area native, he has seen the economic growth the region as a CPA for over 15 years.

Jeff enjoys mountain biking, serving on numerous charitable boards, engaging the Bay Area tax and CPA community. 

Jeff Kaufman, CPA

Jeff comes to HetslerCPAs with nearly 40 years of experience. As well as his general accounting strengths, his background in Fiduciary and Trust Administration is a valuable benefit to us and our clients. 

Jeff is a pragmatic advisor with incredible insight into business operations. He has helped hundreds of clients reach and exceed their goals. 

When not busy with the work of our clients Jeff enjoys spending time with his large, wonderful family and grandchildren.  

Eric Boi, EA

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